If I were to have a New Year’s Resolution…writing more blog posts would be it.

I think it’s about time I started to blog more again. This site has been woefully neglected over the last year or so so I’m going to commit to writing more of my thoughts down on here. Previously, this blog was called STEP (Society, Technology, Education and Politics). At the time, I was working in the education sector but now I’m in housing so I’ve got to come up with some sort of name change I guess. Not quite sure STHP works so well. Answers on a postcard (comments feed!) for a new name for the blog.

A path to publishing

I’ve created a couple of new pages on this site which will host a show-reel from video productions I’ve produced, filmed and edited over the years. I’ve already put a couple of videos on there now of the two Lindsey Lodge Hospice Sleepwalk charity events that I’ve covered in recent years.

Secondly, I’ve added a page for Research and Publications which will host essays and research from my bachelors degree course and anything else academic that I may be lucky enough to be involved with in future. The aim is to get something published in a journal in future, not to bore you to death with poor quality essays but I’ve got to start somewhere! Who knows, you might find some of it insightful or even useful. If you do find my work useful then please credit me in your citation.